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The mission of the Romdon Charity and Support Foundation established in May 2012 is to provide social support to people whose situation does not allow taking care of their own welfare. The fund dedicates all of its efforts and energy to taking care of children, adults, people with challenges, orphans, patients, large families, retired, and other people who need psychological support and financial help the most.

The goal of the fund's activity is not seeking for profit, whereas the received funding always goes to those who need it here and now.

Other goals of the Romdon Foundation are to provide charity or support and other help to people in the sphere of science, culture, education, art, religion, sport, health care, environmental safety, and other areas beneficial for the society.


  • to support children and adolescents by providing a possibility to live a meaningful childhood;
  • to integrate people with challenges into daily routine;
  • to provide necessary financial and psychological support to patients;
  • to foster orphans;
  • to ease the life of retired people;
  • to stimulate improvement of talented people in the sphere of art, sports, science;
  • to integrate unemployed people into a favorable social environment;
  • to organize various charity galas, events, to organize trips, holiday camps for children.

Only that who experience joy can help his neighbor. (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

2 Ways You Can Help Us:
By making a transaction to our bank account
By donating 2% from your personal income tax
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